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Being A Good Christian

How can we still live as good Christians in a world that seemingly doesn’t make sense anymore?

Conflicts – big and small – are everywhere; angry rhetoric permeates just about every discussion; and several issues such as starvation, overpopulation and environmental degradation are being suffered by our planet. Is hope still possible in a world where a lot have given up on it? We here at Covenant Radio Columbus want to spread positivity around.

We are living in difficult times – that much is true. Hope and faith can be easily lost in times like these, but our mission is to show you that goodness can and will always prevail. As an online Christian radio, we will use the medium to spread the Gospel to uplift and encourage everyone. Through our programme, we aim to help the community with their spiritual needs.

Living in conditions that seem dire, many Christians may seem to find themselves losing their way. Here at Covenant Radio Columbus, we believe you can find your way back to Him, our Lord and Saviour. And we will be there to guide you on that journey.

We are living in a pluralistic society and often, this leads us to engage in battles with those who are not Christians. Didn’t Christ provide the perfect example of loving your neighbours despite your differences? As members of the Christian faith, we learn to accept and understand others from a very young age – there’s no reason why this can’t still hold true to this day.

Jesus Christ lived in very trying times. Although it may be different from the world we live in now, we can all find ways to still live a Christian life in today’s world through living by his example. All things are possible through Christ and accepting Him into your life is a rich and rewarding experience. Kindness, goodness and faithfulness are major aspects of the Christian faith, and are essential traits in these struggling times.

Covenant Radio Columbus is here to show you that despite the state of the world we live in, we can still be good Christians and continue to have hope in humanity. Jesus Christ has shown that simply offering friendship, helping those in need, and being generous to others will have a positive and lasting impact. By following his teachings, we can still live a Christian life in an increasingly challenging world. And we here at Covenant Radio Columbus will act as your guide.